Aparna, from Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking” has sparked discussions about what makes a ‘proper’ bride.

The Creator of Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Has a Message for the Woman Haters

How filmmaker Smriti Mundhra made the leap from indie doc phenom to reality buzz royalty

We need more women who are willing to live life unapologetically but, unfortunately, that involves taking backlash and vitriol from society at large. Why do women always have to be pleasant?

In this world of constantly asking women to conform and be flexible, she refused. I thought that was something to be celebrated.

Sima Taparia, the matchmaker and central figure of Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking.”

I’m a Caribbean and American writer from New York. My stories are about coming-of-age, learning how to relate, and family. It’s a living, breathing memoir.

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